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Memory Cinema

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Memory cinema is a mixed reality interactive installation. Its exploring a new type of cinematic, musical storytelling with either reducing or augmenting the means of… Read More »Memory Cinema

7 Keys

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The 7 Keys from 2monochannels on Vimeo.     The 7 keys is a multi-interactive-installation manifested in 7 different multi player games. The projects title… Read More »7 Keys

Beyond the Club

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I was invited at Dave Festival to do a visual piece on Kreuzkirche for the Midori Hirano (Japan / Sonic Pieces )  performance. The result was a vagina looking… Read More »Beyond the Club

T-T-T 3000

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    Join the revolution of table tennis. TTT-3000 now open for biznazzz !!

Jebooke EP-Music

New EP out now, Check it out here


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  VideoProduction to document the beggining of the UK tour of the YrMove…            


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The first version of the Plissken Festival, With BlickerFilms we designed this ,one-point perspective, style scenography for projections.