Kalliplokamos intro from Eirini_Soo on Vimeo.

Meet Kalliplokamos. A 3 meter heigh sculpture weaved of 2km of PVC tubes. Glowy UV colors run through his body with  a brave system of water pumps and compressed air. With hydrophones and piezoelectric elements the mechanism gets broadcasted in the speakers as his voice. We exhibition him usually within the track that carries him.

Here is an abstraction :

3x3x3 Interactive Sculpture made of steel, wire, clear PVC tubing and fluid circulation machinery.
Glowing fluids circulate through a network of tube weaved, inner body geometries, abstractly describing a picture of hormonal travels through the organism as emotions are experienced.
Through the phenomenal chaos refined patterns emerge and musically controlled machine sounds dominate the surrounding space.

Kalliplokamos lives and travels in the cargo space of a curated C category truck,
For more information and pictures please visit kalliplokamos.tumblr.com/

Kalliplokamos is an effort to visualise the chemical process behind what humans experience as emotions. In other words the flow of hormones through the human body. To describe this phenomenally chaotic process, we weaved some 2km of clear pvc tubes in various patterns throughout Kalli’s body. The outcome of the whole sculpture is rather chaotic in the sunlight , quite impossible to understand what is going on.  As soon as the lights though go out and the black light comes in, those patters emerge and find order in kallis chaotic universe. Different UV glowing water paints, highlight the various routes.

Containers and transformers on the making
First exhibition in Corfu
Fluid pumps pumping it hard
From exhibition in Syntagma square, Athens.