MegaMotorDriver-PCB design


As part of the Sidiros project that we are developing with Artificial Rome, there was a need to drive a very large amount of electromagnets, in a very confined space. This very versatile circuit design gave the solution to the problem. It is able to drive 32 unidirectional electromagnets or motors of up to 1 ampere each.

It comes equiped with the shift registers, to drive those motors with 4 lines of code from the arduino . With 4 wires from the arduino and daisy chaining multiple boards , we are currenty driving 160 bi polarity magnets with one arduino. Also very good to work in parralel mode if a more powerfull than 1ampere motor is needed.

Here you can see it in action in a small demo of the Sidiros project.

Sidiros from Artificial Rome on Vimeo.